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Your Opinion: Common sense will be the death of US

Your Opinion: Common sense will be the death of US

September 7th, 2017 by Charlotte Schnieders, Jefferson City in Opinion

Dear Editor:

Responding to a letter written Sept. 3:

The death of common sense will be the death of America. Voters in 2016 saw our military decimated by sequestration, foreign policy disasters — ISIS in 35 countries, Assad killing 500,000+ Syrians, Russians taking the Ukraine (Obama denied approved missile defense systems in Czech and Poland) China's increased military, the Middle East disaster — the slaughter and displacement of millions of Christians, giving Iran (the largest sponsor of terrorism) $1.4 billion in the middle of the night and attacking Libya without congressional approval. The release of Gitmo prisoners with high recidivism rates and the pardon/special treatment of traitors.

Domestically, open borders allowed tremendous amounts of illegals and drugs in, causing more crimes, deaths, job issues, but sanctuary cities were formed for protection. Housing, food, health care (now unaffordable to most Americans), education and lawyers for illegals — falling on taxpayers and welfare guidelines loosened. Prisoners released with police being the new target and citizens criticized for wanting to deny illegals voting rights. Jobs lost due to Dodd/Frank, Obamacare, and numerous irrational treaties. Divisive groups like BLM, Antifa, white supremacy, neo-Nazi gaining memberships and attention. Common Core allowing Islam into our schools.

Scandals of Black Panther voter intimidation, Fast & Furious, surveillance/targeting of conservative Americans using the IRS and seizing phone records of reporters, Benghazi, selling arms to enemies, illegal and unprotected private servers, highly questionable tarmac meetings, the VA denying vets care, denying Keystone pipeline and sweepers for Deep Water Horizon, claiming millions of acres Parkland so resources couldn't be developed, the $500 billion Solyndra debacle, the redistribution hoax of global warming, Russia getting 20 percent of US uranium, the housing crisis bailout still occurring, leaked campaign emails, Schultz's hiring of Pakistan family trying to escape America that oversaw top secret info, Comey exonerating Hillary in document before she and 17 critical people were interrogated and leaked private presidential conversations! Who was responsible — the Democrats!

No special prosecutor called, take the Fifth, bleach-bit emails, hammer hard-drives, take executive privilege, lie and deny everything and bogged the new administration with continual lawsuits. The non-politician, Trump created a million jobs, record high stock markets, lowered unemployment and would have Healthcare and tax reform except for a do-nothing Congress and the fake news media.