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Your Opinion: Lawmaker overlooks shootings by police

Your Opinion: Lawmaker overlooks shootings by police

July 29th, 2016 by Sue Gibson, Jefferson City in Opinion Letters

Dear Editor:

State Sen. Mike Parson says attacks on law enforcement officers are unacceptable. I agree. But why hasn't he been saying that police killings of people of color are unacceptable?

It has been two years since Mike Brown was killed in Ferguson, and while assaults on police officers are actually down, there is a nationwide epidemic of officers administering the death penalty to people of color in the streets for minor infractions without due process.

To have remained silent about that, especially while passing legislation that ensures any loose cannon has unfettered access to guns, comes across as disingenuous.

Additionally, it's hard to feel regret about the difficulty of recruiting law enforcement officers when law enforcement officers are killing citizens and not being held accountable.