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Your Opinion: Skeptic's view of cartoon, climate

Your Opinion: Skeptic's view of cartoon, climate

January 23rd, 2014 by Kristie Scheulen, Loose Creek in News

Dear Editor:

I have always enjoyed Jim Dyke's political cartoons which are meant to satirize current issues. Dyke does his job very well but I'm pretty sure that part of his job is not to pander to overly sensitive special interest groups. His cartoons do appear on the Opinion page and like the paper who publishes his cartoons he is entitled to an opinion.

Censuring letters to the editor or the resident cartoonist hinders freedom of speech.

You know, at one time glaciers in North America extended down to just north of the Missouri River, the Great Salt Lake and the Salt Flats were once part of an ocean, the Sahara Desert was once a fertile region and Greenland was all green.

There have been some big climate changes in the history of the world; all occurred without man's help.

Sure there were asteroids, volcanic eruptions, a change in the tilt of the earth's axis (pole shifting) and varying degrees of sunspot activity and they are still a possibility. If the lava dome under Old Faithful ever erupts global warming will be a fond memory.

Now modern science says that it is man who is causing our most recent climate change; lots and lots of data to support that.

I have always been a little skeptical about those mountains of data generated to support a cause or theory. Data can be interpreted in so many different ways.

I'm also skeptical about anything that Al Gore is involved in. It seems global warming has become a cottage industry with those who promote it benefiting from the fear of the masses.

I guess that's why there are people who just don't take global warming seriously, especially after the winter we have had, and Dyke's cartoons have had nothing to do with our opinions.

Here's my opinion. The earth is continually changing on its own accord. Climates and weather change as the earth evolves and there is very little that man can do to stop or reverse a climate change.

If you really feel that man is the chief cause of this latest climate change/global warming then maybe you should consider getting rid of humans to save the earth, not Dyke.

You owe no one any explanation or apology Mr. Dyke; just do your job.