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Your Opinion: Rulings based on ideology, not Constitution

Your Opinion: Rulings based on ideology, not Constitution

September 9th, 2013 by Harold Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

As a Tea Party supporter, I have a big problem with these folks that are so gullible and/or ignorant to believe that all court decisions are based on constitutional law and/or intent!

On Aug. 30, a decision by the federal Circuit Court for the District of Columbia was made public that Obama and his successors in the Oval Office are not obligated to make public the names of visiting individuals. The case was brought by Judicial Watch, the government watchdog nonprofit that has been fighting a long legal battle seeking to force release of the White House visitor logs as public records under the Freedom of Information Act. (

Is this decision really something our Constitution would really support or do you think it's an ideological/political decision to protect our scandal-ridden president? Whatever happened to Obama being the "most transparent president ever"?

What about the Obamacare Supreme Court tiebreaker decision made by Justice Robert that I feel will virtually destroy the best medical system in the world? How anyone can believe that decision was made for any other reason than for ideological and/or political expediency is beyond me.

What about gay marriage or abortion? Where is that addressed in the Constitution?

What about gun control or our religious rights that are clearly protected by the Constitution? Where are the courts on these issues? How can anyone say the courts are interpreting the Constitution on the basis of intent or even the text?

The Supreme Court has now become just another legislative branch of government rather than a strict arbiter of the text and intent of our laws. Virtually all their decisions of late are split along ideological/political lines just like our Congress. The effect of this trend has significantly reduced their prestige with the American people. Evidence of this is in recent polling data. In 2009 their approval rating was at 61 percent. It is now at 43 percent.

I sincerely hope the Frank Wallemanns of our country will soon open their eyes to what's happening to our country due to the corrupting influence of ideology and politics in our courts.