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Your Opinion: Columnist maligns heroism by Cruz

Your Opinion: Columnist maligns heroism by Cruz

October 7th, 2013 by Harold H. Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

Comment on another "WhiteHouseWatch" by Ann McFeatters in the News Tribune on Sept. 30. I noticed that there's no longer a reference to Scripps News Service. Are her over-the-top, biased liberal pieces too much for even that "news" organization?

It's unbelievable that she's a member of the Washington Journalism Hall of Fame but I guess that's no worse a sham than Obama receiving a Nobel Peace Prize.

Maybe McFeatters should tattoo "WhiteHouseWatch" on her forehead so she can remember what she's supposed to be covering. I wasn't aware that Ted Cruz, who she so maliciously maligned, was associated with the White House. I think everyone knows by now, when liberals are really frightened of someone they pull out all the stops to trash them.

I think Cruz is the closest thing to a hero in Washington, D.C., politics at this time. For those who have forgotten or don't know the true definition of a hero, here it is: "a man (or woman) of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his (or her) brave deeds and noble qualities". (

He is one of the few I know of who has the courage to stand up against the spineless politicians and liberal media influence who will sell their soul for a buck, some power or just to maintain their elitist social position.

I wonder what politician McFeatters would consider meeting the definition of a hero? Barack Obama? Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? Hillary Clinton? I would like for anyone to let me know what any of those professional politicians have done to even come close to the definition of a hero.

It's really easy to win in politics when you have Hollywood celebrities, ABC, NBC, CBS, the AP, MSNBC, late night TV, etc. in the tank for your cause. Anyone who can fight those odds to get the recognition he's getting with some success as the leader to try and stop the Obamacare fiasco is a hero to me.

As far as his reading "Green Eggs and Ham," maybe that was what he felt would most interest our esteemed senators. I wish that he had read the Constitution and Bill of Rights over and over.

That's what they really need, to be reminded as to what they were sworn to protect and uphold.