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Your Opinion: Obama's severe health care lie

Your Opinion: Obama's severe health care lie

November 14th, 2013 by Phil Garcia, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Thomas Aquinas wrote "men could not live with one another if there were not mutual confidence that they were being truthful to one another."

In the 13th century, 750 years ago, communications were intimate. No electricity, telephone, TV, loudspeakers, printing presses. If you had something to say it would be face-to-face or in a room or arena with good acoustics. Mr. Obama has been five years telling millions of nervous Americans - some face to face but most impersonally, television and radio - if you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period. He has repeated this mantra so many time that even those who have never believed his words, after hearing him announce it over and over, year after year, begin to wonder "perhaps he's telling the truth this one time." Only to find out that as initially expected, he was not telling the truth.

This president has the witching ability to recite a multiplication table so listeners would think he's a calculus professor. All the more reason Americans believed him. But reciting a multiplication table is nothing more than that, everything else is fluff; and stating and re-stating a lie doesn't transform it into truth. Christian doctrine notes that the gravity of a lie is measured: against the nature of the truth it deforms; the circumstances; the intention of the one who lies, and ; the harm suffered by its victims.

This was not a little white lie, this was a severe and circumstantial lie with severe and lasting damage to many Americans. How much damage? So far four million Americans have lost individual health insurance plans that they considered untouchable by Obamacare. How many of them are in the middle of serious health care issues? Like the stage four cancer patient who recently wrote to the Wall Street Journal having lost her health provider and her team of doctors. Some predictions go as high as 80 million Americans losing their employee provided health insurance by 2016, health insurance plans purchased by free Americans and free businesses in our free-market economy. This is not "socialized medicine." Socialism is the government provisioning of private goods and services. This is worse. Compensation? zero. Value of the apology ? zero.

Somebody predicted Obamacare would be a national poison pill. It's working.