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Your Opinion: Humane action not an either/or proposition

Your Opinion: Humane action not an either/or proposition

May 20th, 2013 by Mary K. Vander Veen, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

In response to the letter titled "Misplaced Focus on Ethical Treatment" of which most of what was said was, in my humble opinion, points well noted; however, I would like to speak up on behalf of all those who love animals and support their welfare.

The letter mentions that PETA, who found it outrageous and egregious that Chris Christie would kill a spider in his office in front of visiting children, seemed to not have the same concern or passion, at least not voiced publicly according to the writer, for the aborted late-term babies that were killed after showing signs of life. Please do not presume that all members of PETA (of which I am not one), or any animal welfare group, value the life of animals over humans.

I am an animal lover who supports, in whatever small way I can, certain groups that protect the welfare of animals, but I also support children's charities and am unequivocally pro-life. What the abortion practitioner did to those precious babies was illegal, unconscionable, sickening, and heartbreaking and his conviction was just. Sadly, had his facility been monitored more closely, it would have been shut down long ago due to the abhorrent conditions and the illegal procedures being performed there.

Likewise, there also needs to be people watching out for the welfare of animals, or abuse and neglect will run even more rampant that it already does. After all, we have civil rights groups and social services to protect the rights and welfare of humans, and rightly so, so why should there not be comparable groups for animals?

God created humans and animals for a positive purpose and it most definitely was not for them to be abused, tortured, maimed or neglected. In that regard, both humans and animals are equals and deserve compassion and respect.