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Your Opinion: "Obamabots' fail to raise concerns

Your Opinion: "Obamabots' fail to raise concerns

July 5th, 2013 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I have been waiting for one of the many Obamabots to write a letter telling us how concerned they are with the NSA tracking our telephone calls, but I guess they are all right with "Big Brother" collecting this data on innocent-until-proven-guilty Americans. I shouldn't be surprised as I know they feel that this, too, is George Bush's fault.

Yes, this program was started after Sept. 11, 2001, to track those terrorists that were contacting individuals for the purpose of doing bodily harm to Americans. When this program started, it was focused on people in foreign countries, not Americans here in the USA. Under the current regime, even telephone calls of Americans are collected in computers, somewhere.

In addition, why haven't the Obamabots raised concerns about what the IRS has been doing to the many groups trying to obtain tax exempt status? If you have been listening to any of these yahoos as they are testifying before Congress, it is unclear to me if we should be ashamed, embarrassed, or just plain mad at the audacity of these people.

If a regular citizen were to answer questions and behave as these IRS employees have behaved, do you think the IRS agents looking at your tax return would allow that? I think not! And by the way, in these times of tight money look at the vast sums of money they have spent on conferences for their employees.

Then there is the debacle that occurred in Benghazi. Four Americans including our Ambassador were murdered by Muslim Extremists and the ambassador to the United Nations went on five Sunday talk shows and said that these attacks were a result of an Internet video.

As we have learned, that is so far from reality that one wonders, do these people think that they can say anything they want and we are suppose to except what they say without question? After saying what she said, she has been given a promotion. Obama even said the same thing during his speech to the United Nations. And no, Obamabots, the CIA was not the source of the misinformation. The CIA talking points were modified by the State Department and the White House. Was Hillary involved?

The Obamabots will never associate any of these atrocious acts with Obama. He will always be their hero and is totally above the fray.