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Your Opinion: Limit officials' travel, perks

Your Opinion: Limit officials' travel, perks

January 21st, 2013 by Beverly Sheldon, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Watching the news on television and reading the newspapers on a daily basis has fast become a health hazard for many citizens living in this community.

Why is this happening? Not too much good news is coming to the citizen/taxpayer and even the funny stories appear to be in a limited quantity. Everything seems to be taking a hiatus due to political fever, shootings and killings as well as home invasions, property destruction, littering problems and numerous other problems.

Far too many of our citizens appear to be breaking all the rules handed down to those in this more modern age by more intelligent people then those existing today. It has been said and quoted that we get what we deserve when we vote for those running for office who aren't deserving of that particular office.

Congresswomen appear to be getting as greedy as the male members now in traveling at taxpayers expense on so-called "fact-finding" trips out of the country. I question this practice. These funds should be cut; just look at the money that could be saved.

I have seen a senator or a representative's constituent come into his office and be handed free pencils, pens, notebooks for her and/or her child and the mother goes outside the office and brags about it. On many of these items which are sold to the members of the Legislature at a large mark-up price the woman apparently doesn't know this is coming at taxpayers' expense and she too is a taxpayer.

When you have worked in a political office, it is amazing the things you find out.

I wish I had not found out some of the really crooked things I did witness, some regarding attorneys who are hired in private business and their dealings with employees.