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Your Opinion: Tea party members support Constitution

Your Opinion: Tea party members support Constitution

August 27th, 2013 by Mark Bruenger, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Before the British tried dumping cheap tea on the Colonialist market without going through the usual brokers the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. Not only did any contract require a British Stamp of taxation the Stamp Act actually taxed the act of converting speech into written form. Simple letters were to be taxed when verbal thoughts were put in written or printed form. Parliament, the government, in its insatiable appetite for revenue essentially instituted an outrageous tax on thoughts in written form. Citizens were taxed just to write a letter to the government about taxes!

The Boston Tea Party was more of a response to government overreach of the Stamp Act rather than a protest against a bunch of cheap tea. In other cities the tea was never off loaded and was sent back to Britain except in Charleston where the ship holding the tea finally rotted in the harbor along with the tea.

Is our federal government now trying to tax or to control thoughts of its citizens just like Parliament did in 1765?

Considering the IRS scandal involving withholding of not-for-profit status for political groups opposed to Obama the answer is yes. Some Tea Party groups now exist as clubs rather than not-for-profit political groups because IRS did not apply the law equally to all.

Our freedoms supposedly protected by the U.S. Constitution are under assault by ultra liberals, essentially socialists, in government.

Tea Party members are not Neanderthals trying to turn back the clock but are merely very concerned citizens that desire the law of the land to be obeyed, applied equally, and respected.

Tea Party members are subject to physical and verbal assault for simply asking the government to obey the law. We the people do not exist to serve government rather the opposite is true; government exists to serve the people. The present administration is using the offices of the federal government to suppress freedom of expression using the power of the IRS.

Why are liberals and Obama so afraid of Tea Party members?

Liberals are committing violence, libel and slander against liberty-loving citizens who only want others to simply obey the law. Liberals and Obama obviously have a problem with the law and freedoms contained in the U.S. Constitution.