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Your Opinion: Suggestions for school district, city government

Your Opinion: Suggestions for school district, city government

April 21st, 2013 by Pat Hebert, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Following the election, David Luther, (director of school/community relations for the Jefferson City School District,) asked "What did we do that was not right?" Do you really not know?

The School Board decided that, due to overcrowding, a new high school should be built. Without a word to the citizens of this fair city, you not only decided where it would be built, you committed to purchase the land. I have to wonder who influenced this decision, particularly since this property is just off a busy highway. You also proceeded to make arrangements with possible buyers of the current high school. Then phone calls were made to the voters, for our opinions - an afterthought maybe? I would like to offer a more reasonable suggestion.

Instead of selling the current high school, renovate and update it for grades 11 and 12. Build a new school for grades 9 and 10, with an option to add to it in the future. It will not be necessary to build a new stadium.

We do not need an academy-style high school, dreams are fun, but let's be realistic, not extravagant. If you can find some wealthy patrons, name the school or gymnasium after him, or her.

I have a few words to add for our City Council.

I would really like to have a new leather couch, I do not have enough free money to use for this right now. I don't ask my friends and neighbors to pay for it. I trim down my unnecessary expenditures, and save until I can purchase it without hardship.

Try it, it works.

For example: why are you, or should I say "we', paying for consultants etc. for a convention center? We voted that down. This is an unnecessary expenditure! You certainly have your own agenda, regardless of what we have to say.