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Your Opinion: Loss of freedom

Your Opinion: Loss of freedom

March 30th, 2012 by Charles W. Schroeder, Westphalia in News

President Obama and his administration - crime, distraction and manipulation to destroy our Constitution and to get the women vote this year's election.

Their crime is the disregard for our Constitution regarding the First Amendment. Their distraction through national media is contraceptives.

Our government has no authority under the Constitution to mandate health care nor the authority to mandate the Catholic Church to pay for contraceptives for their employees.

Before I go any further let me state that I know and understand that Viagra and birth control pills are needed in the medical world to treat many medical conditions with a prescription from their doctor and we are thankful for there availability.

The real issue or crime is the destruction of our Constitution and the manipulation to distract from the real issue.

It all started out with a broadcast of a simulated committee hearing (set up by Democrats) where Sandra Fluke testified that women need free contraceptives and the Catholic university should provide them. She said she was going broke buying them. She had spent $3,000 over her three years in school. That means that she has sexual relations at a minimum of two to three times a day. If she was my daughter I would not be too proud of her. She is 30 years old and it is her life but I do not feel the taxpaying public should have to pay for her pleasure or lifestyle.

Rush Limbaugh stepped into it when he called her a couple of names. The national news media jumped all over this statement.

In my days in school, the ladies of that time would have given Ms. Flukes a few more choice names.

Representative Newman's amendment known as Section 568.200 concerning vasectomy was also uncalled for. I realize that Limbaugh and Newman were just trying to make a point, but neither one was right to do so.

I urge people to stay focused on the real issue, the disregard and destruction of our Constitution of the United States, not contraception.

Elect Obama - this year we lose the First Amendment, next we lose the Second Amendment, next we lose our freedom as a people.