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Your Opinion: Shove a stake through "evil' tax

Your Opinion: Shove a stake through "evil' tax

January 9th, 2012 by Tim Stallman, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Put it on your calendar to shove a stake through its evil heart on Feb. 7.

Every Jefferson City taxpayer and voter should oppose the sales tax increase as proposed by the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce and vote against it. This isn't the last sales tax increase if you don't use your stake at the voting booth. Aim well.

The next time you are in a business displaying the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce membership plaque, ask them if they support the sales tax increase brought to you by the local Chamber of Commerce and their lackey City Council. Their eyes will drop to the floor in shame as they admit they are increasing costs to you, their customer, by supporting the sales tax increase.

They have reason to be ashamed. They know that their arrogant organization is asking those least able to afford it to pay for their money-losing projects.

One of the instigators of this tax made the callous statement that even though there is a recession going on, it is too "important" to wait for better times to impose the sales tax increase on the public.

"Important" to who?

The average city taxpayer will not receive one iota of benefit from a convention center, which is where most of this money will go. That is, the part that doesn't simply disappear. A small group of elite businessmen will reap the few benefits of these schemes, not you.

Our City Council and the Chamber have seceded from their own city and their fellow citizens to form their own virtual city consisting of only the rich and privileged. They don't care about you, your family budget or your lives. And they intend to tax you to death. This isn't the last sales tax increase if you don't kill it. Vote no on Feb. 7.