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Your Opinion: Reid's claim diverts attention to economy

Your Opinion: Reid's claim diverts attention to economy

August 16th, 2012 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I just read where Democrat strategist Paul Begala (Nicknamed "the forehead") said, "That Romney is a man of "impeccable personal moral character' and so he is not investing in "liquor stores that sell to children or legal prostitution rings in Nevada.'" Begala went on to say that "Occam's razor dictates that, since Romney has opted not to provide the media with information that would negate Reid's claim, it is not a logical leap to conclude that Reid is correct."

He was responding to a claim by Senate majority leader, Democrat Harry Reid from Nevada, that Romney hasn't paid federal income taxes for 10 years, even though the tax form he has released shows he paid $3 million in taxes. Reid got a telephone call from an un-named source associated with Bain Capital. I thought disclosing another individual's tax situation without their approval was a crime? It is so typical of left wing dingbats to praise someone by saying they have impeccable character and then accuse them of committing some sort of crime.

Begala went on to say, "I've been doing this for 28 years. When politicians don't disclose their taxes it's because they can't." If this is true, and it isn't, why do the politicians in Washington elect not to release their personal income tax forms? They have their required disclosures, but if one has ever looked at one of these forms, they tell you nothing other than very broad generalities. Harry Reid, the one who has said that Romney should release his tax forms, has never done so. Sounds like what some parents tell their children, "Do as I say not as I do"!

This is all a diversion from Obama's lack of correcting our economy. It is Obama's modus operandi, the Chicago way, where you blast your opponent with bogus garbage every day so that they are totally taken off their message. This especially works when you have the support of the mainstream media.