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Your Opinion: Generalizations not accurate

Your Opinion: Generalizations not accurate

October 10th, 2011 by Geraldean McMillian, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

The contents of this letter are based on the opinions of a person who does not know everything there is to know and whose understandings are not infallible. Nevertheless, I wish to share some points of view that I currently hold.

The first is my objection to the use of generalizations to either praise or condemn other beliefs. In my opinion such a broad approach is like "Throwing out the baby with the bath water." For example, to say that Christianity (or any system of beliefs) is always good or always bad is not a valid judgment.

My understanding of Christianity is it rests solidly on love and compassion and despite human imperfections among its many followers, love and compassion are still alive and well. However, I believe the institution (the organized Church) has not fared as well because history shows too many of its leaders have been more interested in power than in loving all of humanity. Leaders were so busy "playing God" and punishing those who questioned them that uniformed people were taught to fear that which they were told to love.

After church leaders gained political power the abuse increased significantly and continues to this day. I say this because it seems to me that currently an inordinate and alarming number of laws are being proposed and passed that are based solely on the religious beliefs of the majority lawmakers. They appear to assume that anyone with different beliefs must be punished. Where is the love and compassion? How an they call themselves "pro-life" when all they seem to love (besides power) is the unborn child while ignoring the life of the unwanted newborn and the woman who must care for that child whether or not she has either the physical or financial resources she needs? To me, as a Christian who believes all life is sacred, I think these lawmakers should just call themselves "anti-abortionists."

Also I believe laws designed to disenfranchise voters who cannot meet the new criteria is evidence of a desire for power by lawmakers who must not be motivated by love and compassion. The same can be said for those who would pass laws that infringe on the religious rights of Muslims. It is wrong to generalize that because some Muslims are terrorists that all are terrorists. The list of such laws is endless.