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Your Opinion: Earth, Venus comparison faulty

Your Opinion: Earth, Venus comparison faulty

October 3rd, 2011 by Mark Bruenger, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Some information about Venus appears to be in order.

Surface atmospheric pressure on Venus is 1,320 psi and its surface atmospheric density is 80 times that of earth. Venus also possesses kilometer thick layers of sulfuric acid vapor floating in its atmosphere due to the excessive atmospheric density that can float sulfuric acid vapor. Venus is about 30 percent closer to the sun than the Earth. A Venus day is 243 Earth days and a Venus day is longer than its year.

Comparing present and future temperatures on Earth to present conditions on Venus is an absurd exercise in foolishness especially with respect to CO2 percent as the sole variable.

Considering the different solar, orbital, rotational and atmospheric environments between the two subject planets a person engages in simple deceit and fear-mongering when that person predicts lead will melt on Earth due to climate change.

Earth has a rotational wobble that affects the Sahara every 20,000 years. Right now, the Sahara is a vast desert. When the wobble allows monsoon rains to deposit further north the Sahara turns into a lush green landscape with lakes larger than the Great Lakes in America. 20,000 years later, it returns to desert. Consideration of planetary events using such a short time scale as a human lifespan guaranties that people will not understand real causes and effects in the environment.

Let us follow the money and the raw power desired by modern Democrats: otherwise known as fascists, socialists, communists, Marxists, liberals, progressives, etc. and their fellow travelers. Climate control is a fool's errand.

The real reason to pursue climate control is that the dictatorial minded want control of the people, body and soul. First, comes the transfer of wealth in pursuit of climate control, and then comes the demand to deny the Judeo/Christian worldview and adopt pagan polytheistic gods.

Worshipping the planet, or the third rock from the Sun, is really pathetic especially if fornication rituals are involved. Finally, the government demands that people adopt a common mindset to achieve true proletariat freedom or the people are a traitor to the hive mentality.

Funny how socialist types demand endless freedoms, except for Judeo/Christian beliefs, and when they obtain total power the people suddenly don't need freedom because they have obtained Utopia and the government replaces God.