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Your Opinion: Response on economy

Your Opinion: Response on economy

November 8th, 2011 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

It is not that Mr. Smith is ignorant; he is on purpose not telling us all the facts when discussing what seem to be his favorite topics. His favorite enemies list, from his own letters are, not in any order, any conservative, super rich, GOP, and Tea Party people. One thing that always gets in the way of left wing propagandists are the facts!

Mr. Smith you said, "When GOP propagandists counter that 47 percent of Americans pay little or no income taxes," is an incorrect quotation. We conservatives say, 47 percent of people filing a tax return, pay no income tax. There is a big difference in those two statements.

I find it very comical that you used six-month-old babies and second graders in your rant about the disparity in how we pay income taxes. You then go on to say, "Few if any adults fail to pay some form of taxes.

Millions of Americans have little income but will pay other forms of tax on their purchases." That sir, is not the point.

We are talking about income tax not the other taxes people pay. People with low income do not pay income tax, as a matter of fact some even get money from the federal government in the form of some sort of tax credit, which is why the 47 percent of people that file a tax return do not pay federal income tax.

There are many states one can move to where there is no state income tax. Those states just happen to be the states that are growing while those with the highest state income taxes are losing people.

Most of the states that are in an economic bind are run by Democrats and have been for years. If taxing the "rich" and giving all kinds of freebies to the "poor' were the way to go, then these states should be going like gangbusters. California has some of the best weather of any state that I have lived in and that states natural beauty is beyond measure. They are however, totally bankrupt. I would think that with all the Hollywood stars living there, that want us to pay more in taxes, they should give more of their income to help that state.

Those Progressives always want someone else to pay the bill while they keep all of theirs.