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Your Opinion: 'Obamabots' promote

Your Opinion: 'Obamabots' promote

July 20th, 2011 by Mark Bruenger, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Recently published letters in the newspaper unfortunately show our local Obamabots are still worshiping their Marxist myopic messiah in violation of the First Commandment. Be it big government or bilious Barrack with his socialist agenda and Marxist beliefs both are false gods, worshiping either will imperil your soul.

Past letters from Obamabots slavishly defended the fiscal soundness of Social Security. However, their master Obama just undercut any delusions about a Social Security trust fund when he used extortionist language in debt ceiling negotiations. Obama threatened that Social Security checks might not be forthcoming without the ability to borrow more money. Trust funds don't need to borrow money! Scaring elderly or disabled citizens as a negotiating tactic is the ultimate mean-spirited sinful behavior but our predictable Obamabots are not going to rebuke their socialist god.

Obamabots, or liberals, continue their hateful clamoring to tax the rich, big corporations, or any successful private enterprise. Obamabot desired taxes to fund greedy big government would actually reduce government revenue but that fact isn't relevant.

What really is important to Obamabots is the punishment of achievers and confiscation of private property. Obamabots covet their neighbor's property in violation of the Tenth Commandment and using government to steal the private property breaks the Eighth Commandment. A core liberal belief is any law enacted by big government is legal even if the law legalizes stealing or murder. Another core liberal belief is that all property belongs to the government and the people are just part of property, sort of a divine right to rule according to Lenin.

One lawyer Obamabot recently wrote that it would be sinful to change existing laws related to discrimination claims. Everything about abortion is sinful yet the lawyer Obamabot represents an organization that is fanatical about keeping abortion legal. Abortion is a clear violation of the Sixth Commandment against murder but Obamabots don't care about another Judeo/Christian violation because they have a different religion called Socialism hiding behind the usual label of liberalism.

In a really pathetic reversal of history liberalism began in Western Europe as an ideology rejecting authoritarian government, defending freedom of speech, association, religion, and the right to own property.

Now Obamabots and liberals love authoritarian government; hate Christianity and religion in general, free speech - especially if such speech offends anybody, and private property. Modern liberalism is socialism, which equals sin.