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YOUR OPINION: Haslag's reaction misguided

YOUR OPINION: Haslag's reaction misguided

January 23rd, 2011 by Joy Keisling, Russellville in News

Dear Editor:

My letter is in reference to Mr. Haslag's letter of Jan. 14 in which he addressed the tragedy in Tucson. We all knew he would in expected liberal fashion. Even his president in his speech at the memorial service said not to assign blame.

If we follow his line of thinking we need to ban most video games, horror movies and rap music to mention only a few. I don't particularly like any of the above mentioned but has anyone shown concern over their effects on the damaged personalities among us?

Words do have consequences as when Obama while campaigning said "they bring a knife, we bring a gun." Did anyone take that literally? And remember the congressman who actually shot a rifle at an Obamacare target? I think he was on your political side, Mr. Haslag.

The map of Sarah Palin with the cross hairs over vulnerable Democrats running in the last election - was it so different than the one the Democrats put out years back with bulls eye targets over vulnerable Republicans? Gee! I don't think we even knew who Sarah Palin was then. Neither one intended physical harm, of course.

Fox News, Limbaugh and Beck have their opinions, as does Mr. Haslag. Our sons and daughters have died to give us that freedom.

Oh, and troubled minds (your words) should not hear hateful political rhetoric from either side nor should they play violent or watch two dozen people murdered in a movie. But this is America and maybe, just maybe, the signs he had been exhibiting for years should have caused someone to react.

Yes I agree we should be a more civil nation, a kinder, gentler people but actually I don't think Mr. Haslag's letter helped reach that goal.

The man in Arizona was crazy - end of story.

My heart goes out to all those affected by his madness.