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Your Opinion: Reboot needs renewed focus

Your Opinion: Reboot needs renewed focus

January 20th, 2011 by Tony Smith, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Our politicians are touting a Missouri government rebooting. Think about it. They are swapping out a 23-inch monitor for a 14-inch. They are cutting the operating memory (RAM) by a substantial margin and eliminating many programs. This is a reboot? It's more like we are ditching our calculators for slide rulers. Maybe we will get some fancy pocket protectors.

Missouri is heading into a $500 million dollar shortfall because the so-called "job killing" federal stimulus money is gone. Now we are to hope in SB50 introduced by a new senator that a nuclear plant can be constructed if we rate payers will pay for Ameren to file for a permit. At best, such a plant would be 10 years down the road. The cost of such a plant equals or exceeds the net worth of Ameren. No nuclear plant has been built anywhere in the world in the last two decades unless government extracted the money from citizens. Private capital is non-existent for such ventures. No quick relief here.

Meanwhile our Missouri Republican house started immediately to give citizens relief by clownishly voting to repeal Romey-care now called Obama-care. They hope to reinstate policies that assure that if you get sick you can lose your home and all that you own. Only in America is that possible in a modern industrialized society. They want to reinstate insurance policies allowing companies to drop you because of pre-existing medical conditions. They want to eliminate recent college graduates staying on their parent's policies for a few additional years. They want to force the uninsured back to emergency room care where those of us who have insurance pay indirectly for that care. Why this blind and ignorant approach to public health policy? Just this, get Obama.

News reports note that foreclosures in Missouri for 2010 outpaced 2009. That leads to more economic distress for citizens. Hundreds of jobs will be cut from the state this year. Wait; maybe somewhere down the road we can extract money from other Missouri citizens to build another Callaway nuclear plant. That and tax cuts for small business. Did you realize that you can be a billion dollar company and be a small business? Fancy that! Wealthy elites have so many ways to extract money from you and me. Politicians do their bidding and we have the best government that money can buy!