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Your Opinion: Hidden agenda of Prop. B

Your Opinion: Hidden agenda of Prop. B

February 20th, 2011 by Kristie Scheulen, Loose Creek in News

Dear Editor:

If supporters of Prop. B put as much time, effort and money into cleaning up Missouri's image as the number one meth state, we'd be meth free.

They are still allowing themselves to believe the lies perpetrated by HSUS about the dog breed industry. They just can's seem to separate fact from fiction.

Not all dog breeders are puppy mills. Not all puppy mills are abusive and neglectful. Not all dog breeders deserve to be called puppy mills. Don Butzlaff explained it very well and he should know.

We heard time and time again the Prop. B was not about putting dog breeders out of business, yet all models say that is exactly what it will elicit. Once again we have caught Prop. B supporters in a lie, confessing that it is a good thing that dogs are being put down and rejoicing in the possible annihilation of good and bad dog breeder alike. This tells us that there really was more to Prop. B's agenda than what was made public. Voters would not have voted for Prop. B if they had known.

If you want to compare our children to domesticated animals then maybe because there are so many abusive and neglectful parents we should outlaw having babies for all. Then there would be no need for foster care or adoption centers.

HSUS has recently taken to threatening pet stores all over the U.S. in an attempt to force pet shops into not buying Missouri puppies. If Jeanie Hasenbeck feels that also is a step in the right direction then she probable also feels that pet ownership should not be available to all.

Actions like Prop. B and HSUS threatening pet shops almost assuredly guarantees that in the near future only the very rich will be able to afford a dog. The abolition of pet ownership is on HSUS's agenda but Prop. B supporters just won't believe it, until it is too late.

God can't have mercy on your soul if you don't have one. Better do some soul searching.