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Your Opinion: Problems identified; solution offered

Your Opinion: Problems identified; solution offered

August 24th, 2011 by Tony Smith, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Frank Rycyk's Aug. 17 letter says citizens are identifying problems but not offering solutions. I may not agree.

The majority of citizens in poll after poll are clearly not happy with the course of our nation. As to why, that is where the differences begin. Unless problems are clearly defined, proposed solutions are worthless. It would be like we are lost, but making good time.

Conservatives during Obama's administration say the problem is government spending. When they are in office this problem does not exist. What? Yes, in 1976 Jude Wanniski, a political commentator, defined the political strategy of Conservatives to this day. He called it the Two Santa Claus theory. Liberals could play Santa Claus by taking from the rich and helping the poor. Conservatives needed their own Santa Claus approach. That was tax cuts. Economist Arthur Laffer refined the approach by theorizing tax cuts actually increase government revenues by spurring economic growth.

Giddy with the prospects of a political strategy to counter liberals, Reagan cut taxes and increased the debt in the 1980s from less than one trillion to almost three. George W. Bush also ran up huge debts by cutting taxes, not funding two wars and giving away Medicare drugs to the elderly. If Democrats get in office, the Republican message changes to the need for austerity. Interesting strategy, poor governance.

For conservatives tax cuts solve every possible problem. Economists and realists say this does not work. Do you think if you cut your income your economic status would improve? Not likely. Now there is the Paul Ryan budget that slashes spending by huge margins and proposes lowering taxes on the rich by enormous amounts. Every Republican member of the house signed on. Here is my solution, Mr. Rycyk. Vote those irresponsible people out of office.

A global intellectual crisis exists among the world's elites. They have learned nothing. The Great Depression was overcome with large government intervention. Public work was supported. WW II accelerated that.

After Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt brought the directors of Ford and Chevrolet to the White House and outlined the war production goals for manufacturing planes. They said, "Mr. President we want to help, but those goals will be difficult to meet while we produce cars." "You do not understand", Roosevelt said. " We forbid the production of cars." War production was greatly exceeded.

America needs politicians serving the public not the party.