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Your Opinion: Response to Haslag on taxes

Your Opinion: Response to Haslag on taxes

August 10th, 2011 by Steven Brown, Holts Summit in News

Dear Editor:

The figures being thrown around by liberal Democrats, such as Robert Haslag would lead you to believe we have a tax problem and a class war. Liberals such as this would also have us believe that Americans of African descent can not make it on their own. They must have a hand out; I mean hand up, in order to compete with the rest of the herd. Just how insulting is that?

Haslag's rant Aug. 5 would have us believe that the rich folks just won't give it up for the team. Guess what, the rich pay plenty and if you think that a class war is going on, you are right. The liberal Democrats still insist that it's a tax problem, not a spending problem. This myth you speak of Mr. Haslag, the trickle down theory that did not work, well you have the figures that lie and you are a liar. It did work.

Small business is the, and I mean the, main source of employment in this country. Not my opinion, it's just a fact. All these rich guys that Haslag would tax, are small business owners, not General electric, Exxon-Mobil, ATT or Aetna. When you take money from them by taxing or over regulation they can not expand or hire.

I don't goggle up a lot of figures like some, but I have a firm grip on the obvious. I wish folks that have not run a business or are on the government dole had the same grip. Obama qualifies in both categories.

Haslag would have you believe that the government can spend your money more prudently than you can. It's my money. I will spend it as I see fit. Keep out of my pocket. If you think you do not pay enough in taxes Mr. Haslag, write a check to the IRS and feel good about yourself. I'll be keeping my money thank you. It's a spending problem, not a revenue problem. How much is enough?