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Your Opinion: Simple solutions to save nation

Your Opinion: Simple solutions to save nation

April 10th, 2011 by James Kleffner, Brinktown in News

Dear Editor:

It is very distressing to think what is happening to this great nation of ours. Our brave men and women have fought to keep our freedom and secure a nation we were all proud to call home.

Now we are about to lose a great nation through stupid management and regulations that will wreck our freedom and ability to be the leader in the free world.

The answer to save our country and our freedom is very simple. We have vast amounts of natural resources that we are going to have to develop and use. It's a shame the richest nation on earth is going broke.

Here is a plan that will work. Develop our energy resources so we can be self-sufficient in 10 years. Build our own refineries so we don't have to depend on anyone else. This would create millions of good jobs and get our economy going. Cut out all subsidies because if it won't work on its own merits we don't need it.

We can't afford to use our food for fuel. This costs the poorer Americans more and is morally wrong.

The government spends hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize wind energy that only works about 10 percent of the time and our base load generation of coal, nuclear and natural gas. Subsidize it also because when we use the electricity that wind generates we can't use our base load generation which we need.

We can't afford to be the policeman of the world. We need to reform the United Nations in a way that all nations share in the responsibility for keeping world peace and help us from being called the bully of the world.

We need to take the cap off of Social Security so if you make a billion dollars a year you pay Social Security tax on it all. Don't raise the rate just take the cap off and put our senators and representatives and all government employees under the same plan because they make the rules for Social Security but are not affected by the results.

Our forefathers set up a very good form of government. It was designed to protect its citizens not do everything for them but give them the opportunity to do things for themselves. Our Native American Indians are a good example of what happens when government tries to control the lives of its citizens. What a tragedy.