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Your Opinion: Black community urged to address violence

Your Opinion: Black community urged to address violence

April 10th, 2011 by Kemoh Edwards, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor: Open letter to the Jefferson City black community leaders.

My dear friends and families,

Have you all been following the news and headlines in this town? If so, then why the silence?

In less than two months we've seen two black-on-black, gun-violence incidents and one robbery committed by two young black men. Oh, there too has been a spike in the level of idiotic commentaries from other members of this town against the black community, especially the shifting of blames on Lincoln University's students.

I am calling on our black community, and leaders to galvanize a task force within this community to address the acts of violence in this town. It is time to come out as a community and speak out strongly against these violent acts.

What are we waiting on to start having an open discussion and organizing community dialogues to speak out cohesively against those of our members who live here for no good intended reason, but to commit violent acts, which in turn put us in a ridicule position in this small community? We must act to condemn these violent acts regardless of who the victims and perpetrators are.

We must also engage other members of the Jefferson City community, and educate those who are too naïve to absorb the fact that these violent acts have nothing to do with having a black university in this town. Let them know that in most instances these acts are carried out by individuals who are not students of Lincoln University and that LU does not condone them.

There are many of us across racial boundaries and nationalities that have benefited from the excellent education and nurturing envi- ronment that Lincoln University offers in this town; many of us who as a result of the education that Lincoln University provides are able to live and contribute meaningfully toward the growth and development of Cole County, and the state of Missouri.

It's time to speak up. We can only condemn those who condemn us when we condemn violent acts by and amongst ourselves.

May peace and tolerance prevail upon those stereotypical people who are quickest to make idiotic comments about the black people, and Lincoln University whenever there are acts of violent perpetrated by a black person. Too bad you only see the bad apples on one farm.