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Farmers fund research to produce gluten-free wheat

Kansas farmers are paying for genetic research to figure out exactly why some people struggle to digest wheat.

Coke a good snack? Health experts who work with Coke say so

Coca-Cola is working with fitness and nutrition experts who suggest its soda as a treat at a time when the world’s biggest beverage maker is being blamed for helping to fuel obesity rates.

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New bird flu strain has poultry farmers scrambling

Animal health experts and poultry growers are scrambling to determine how a dangerous new strain of bird flu infected poultry flocks in four states — and to stop it from spreading.

Cool reception for new sign-up window under health care law

Several million people hit with new federal fines for going without health insurance will get a second chance to sign up starting Sunday, and that could ease the sting of rising penalties for being uninsured.

Bird flu detected in northeast Kansas

Bird flu has been detected in a backyard flock of chickens and ducks in northeast Kansas.

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Officials: Listeriosis not cause of 3 deaths, but factor

Kansas health officials say a foodborne illness linked to some Blue Bell ice cream products may have been a contributing factor in the deaths of three hospital patients.

FDA: 3 people die from foodborne illness linked to ice cream

Officials say three people have died after developing a foodborne illness linked to Blue Bell ice cream products.

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A group effort from CrossFit to yoga

Exercising in a group setting can motivate you to work harder

Shelby Penno tries to do “a little bit of everything” with her workouts. Penno is one among many who enjoy what group exercise has to offer.

Missouri officials investigate bacteria as cause of deaths

The Missouri health department is investigating whether a staph bacteria caused the deaths of two St. Charles County residents.

Barnes leads push to expand telehealth services, make Medicaid more efficient

A Missouri House bill would allow Medicaid patients to telecommute with specialists, saving them the cost of travel. With the advancement of medicine, specialists have become increasingly concentrated in cities, Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, said.

Firm agrees to refund to settle suit over weight-loss pills

A Salt Lake City-based company has agreed to pay refunds to consumers who purchased its weight-loss tablets to settle a class-action lawsuit that claimed its advertising slogan, "Eat All You Want & Still Lose Weight," was deceptive.

Panel: Use new meningitis vaccines only for outbreaks

A federal panel on Thursday recommended that two new meningitis vaccines only be used for rare outbreaks, resisting tearful pleas to give it routinely to teens and college students.

Amid measles outbreak, few rules on teacher vaccinations

While much of the attention in the ongoing measles outbreak has focused on student vaccination requirements and exemptions, less attention has been paid to another group in the nation’s classrooms: Teachers and staff members, who, by and large, are not required to be vaccinated.

Snag affecting health law sign-ups gets a fix

A technical problem that had been interfering with sign-ups for President Barack Obama's health care law has been fixed, officials say. Any consumer whose enrollment was hampered by the glitch will be provided with a special enrollment period.

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Millions in health coverage gap seek to avoid tax penalty

Stephanie Daugherty earns too much from her part-time job at a doctor's office to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to comfortably afford one of the health plans for sale through the federally-run insurance exchange that Texas and many states use.

Johnson & Johnson projects aim to spot who'll get a disease

Imagine being able to identify who is likely to develop a particular disease — and then stop the disorder before it starts.

Sunday deadline driving health law sign-ups for 2015

Ahead of a Sunday deadline, consumers are stepping up to enroll for 2015 coverage under President Barack Obama’s health care law, administration officials said Wednesday.

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Measles cases turn attention to bounty of childhood vaccines

Measles is in the news, but it's just one of more than a dozen preventable — and sometimes forgotten — diseases targeted by vaccines for children.

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Vaccine debate tests first-time White House hopefuls

For a pair of first-time presidential hopefuls, the sudden injection of the childhood vaccine debate into the 2016 campaign is a lesson in how unexpected issues can become stumbling blocks.

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Federal health officials face tough questions on flu vaccine

It was a tale of two vaccines — one making politically charged headlines about kids not vaccinated against measles and the other reflecting the bleak reality of a harsh flu season.