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Your Opinion: Selective memory or GOP bologna

Dear Editor:

In Congressman Luetkemeyer’s latest press release he again complains about President Obama and the Republican-invented IRS scandal.

He certainly is old enough to remember when the George Bush White House, Greenpeace and the All Saints Episcopal Church in California because they opposed his so-called ‘Bush Doctrine.” And certainly he remembers the Republican attack on the NAACP because they complained about him failing to address their annual meeting— the first president since Herbert Hoover to do so.

I think he was a Republican when Nixon ordered (on tape) dozens of folks on his enemies list. If I remember correctly (and so should the representative) that several incidents IRS abuse were part of the articles of impeachment for Nixon.

He also seems to forget that Rep. Issa after much searching can’t find anything wrong with the IRS targeting of progressive groups seeking 501-c4.

Either Rep. Luetkemeyer has a selective memory or his complaints are just more political bologna manufactured at the Republican deli.

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