Your Opinion: Question for congressman

Dear Editor:

It’s nice to see Congressman Luetkemeyer’s support of the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act which will raise the federal child tax credit and index it to inflation which will help families “keep more of their hard-earned money.” (Perspective, “Growing up under Obama’s policies,” July 26, 2014.)

It makes me wonder then why the congressman refers to President Obama wanting to raise the nation’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour as “class warfare and government handouts.” ( ).

He seems to want it both ways: Americans should be allowed to hold on to more of their salary with the help of a well-deserved government tax break, but the government should not get involved in making sure that their salary is high enough to support the family of a full-time worker.

Luetkemeyer goes on to say in his Perspective piece, “Every dollar that a mother or father has in his or her pocketbook is another opportunity to provide for his or her family …” I could not agree more, congressman. So what are your plans for raising the minimum wage of these hard-working Americans?

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