Your Opinion: Memory lapse acknowledged

Dear Editor:

Each September the Old Munichburg Association places ads in the News Tribune for Jefferson City’s Oktoberfest. These ads showcase prominent and memorable businesses and residents in the Southside. I am responsible for these ads, called Munichburg Memories. One business featured last September was Benz Used Furniture and Antiques.

The text accompanying the illustration in the ad said that Georgia Benz Rockelman had no children. Barbara Reed, a Florida resident, recently informed me that she is Elvin and Georgia Benz Rockelman’s daughter and a 1959 JC High School alumna. I apologize to her for the error.

Reed also corrected the address of the Dunklin Street store to 121, an address used in advertisements at the time, but the building today carries the address 129 West Dunklin, as identified in our Munichburg Memories ad.

Over the years the Old Munichburg Association has received many comments on the Munichburg Memories ads. Those comments add to our store of information about the Southside and we invite others to comment. It is gratifying to know that readership interest in Munichburg Memories ads is so widespread.

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