Your Opinion: Preserving facilities would save tax dollars

Dear Editor:

I want to thank you for the information you provided Cole County citizens on the recent peril to the old historic Cole County jail that is attached to the courthouse. It was clear that Western District Commissioner Kris Scheperle was very prudent in his request to delay a vote to tear down the old jail. It was also clear that the most economic decision would be to renovate the old jail for re-use rather than demolition.

It is a mystery to me why our very conservative commissioners, Jeff Hoelscher and Mark Ellinger, favor the least conservative move; tearing down and rebuilding at the greatest cost to taxpayers. I liked very much the suggestion to use the Cole County Commission chambers for a new court room, if indeed, the reason Ellinger and Hoelscher want to tear down and rebuild the site is for a new court room. The commission could move their chambers into the renovated Old County jail.

I appreciate so much that the News Tribune took a stand in favor of saving the taxpayers some money and saving a local historic landmark as well. I hope the Cole County commissioner heeds your suggestion.

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