Your Opinion: No double standard by Hobby Lobby

Dear Editor:

In response to Dale Reichel’s letter April 16, Hobby Lobby does have the right to the insurance they offer their employees. If their employees do not like the fact that birth control is not being paid for they can seek employment elsewhere or pay for it themselves.

Regarding female patrons that patronize Hobby Lobby that use birth control and possibly have had abortions. Reichel indicates that Hobby Lobby does not say anything about that and are more than happy to take their money. Doesn’t matter.

Hobby Lobby does not have the right to ask female customers these questions. However if female customers disagree with Hobby Lobby’s position on birth control or the Affordable Care Act they do have the right to go elsewhere.

There is no double standard on Hobby Lobby’s part. I do not think Hobby Lobby was put up to this lawsuit by the Republican think tank and hurt President Obama and the ACA as you indicated, but that’s my opinion.

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