Your Opinion: Power brokers seek to control tax policy

Dear Editor:

It seems as if one man, Rex Sinquefield, the transplanted billionaire from the state of California, who lives in Folk, has the state of Missouri in his pocket. I understand, according to the News Tribune, he has pumped in the pockets of Missouri legislators and other groups as the Chamber of Commerce nearly $2.4 million to make sure he destroys the public schools of this state and pads his pockets at the same time.

It certainly is a sad, sad day when one man yields so much power.

He is determined to make the rich, richer and the poor and middle class poorer by padding his pockets and the pockets of the many rich legislators and other groups causing the rest of us to pay more and higher taxes through higher sales taxes.

That is the same tactic the Republican governors in over 30 other states are using for virtually the same end result.

And now the idiot governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has come to Missouri to try to convince the voters of Missouri to vote to kill the governors veto. He rants and raves about the fact that Texas has no income tax but fails to mention that he has much higher sales taxes which once again affects the lower to middle class much more.

And now Dan Mehan is threatening to single our any legislator who might vote to uphold the veto of HB253. These are Gestapo tactics. We know who pads his pockets too, don’t we?

A very, very concerned voter and former school board member of Fatima R-3 who is concerned about the welfare of all the children of this state.

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