Your Opinion: ‘Official time’ must end

Dear Editor:

Guess whom the Obama administration exempted from the government shutdown.

Union bosses is a surprising and correct answer — union bosses whom the federal government pays not to work for the federal government.

Called “official time,” it allows union officials to report to their federal government jobs but do union work. All on taxpayers’ dime. In a recent year, official time is reported to have garnered about 3.4 million man-hours from taxpayers.

The Obama administration carved out the special exemption, as the Washington Examiner recently reported.

Official time needs to cease. Why spend tax dollars to pay unions to do union business?

Sen. Rand Paul has introduced common-sense legislation to protect American taxpayers. The Federal Employee Accountability Act (S. 785) would force government-sector union bosses to conduct union business on their own time.

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