Your Opinion: Evaluations designed to protect public

Dear Editor:

The AP news article published May 10 “Missouri House defeats evaluations for principals” shouldn’t surprise me. With what Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker went through in order to wrest control of the schools from the teachers unions, I’m sure our esteemed public servants were shaking in their boots afraid it might happen here.

I’ve often wondered if our public servants would be so tolerant if their assets (money) were being managed by people that had no concern over evaluations as it relates to their performance. What if your incompetent investment banker was paying you less interest than he should just because he belonged to a bankers union and they protected him from any attempt to be fired? Wouldn’t that really make you mad? It would me!

Why then do you suppose that our public servants, and it seems the public, really don’t seem to care who is teaching their children. I really don’t think if any parent were asked, “do you care more about your money or your children?” there is no question in my mind the answer would be always the children. Then why may I ask are we always protecting the probably very few incompetent school administrators (and teachers) that have probably more influence over your children’s future than the parents do?

Are you aware that in Missouri, after five years, public school teachers receive what’s commonly called tenure, a special employment protection that teachers unions defend? As federal statistics indicate, teachers with just a couple years of experience are practically impossible to fire. For example, the national firing rate for private schools is 9.8 percent and the firing rate for public school experienced and probationary teachers is 0 percent.

I wonder how the St. Louis and Kansas City schools became unaccredited? I don’t think anyone is naïve enough to think it happened by accident. Why then should we think it couldn’t happen in Jefferson City or anywhere else in Missouri?

Good luck kids, you’re going to need it when you try to get a job.


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