Your Opinion: Unfair smear of Mississippi

Dear Editor:

Running the risk of sounding mean-spirited, the opinion comments from Robert Haslag (a proud card carrying Democrat liberal) in the News Tribune’s Sunday paper comparing pornography, Christianity and conservatives all together is a new liberal low.

In the same letter, he rails on the shortcomings of the state of Mississippi. With the high percentage of minorities in this state, his comments approach racism in nature.

You can Google and Wikipedia any fact that suits your point of view, but what does that have to do with anything concerning porn, Christianity or conservatives? You want problems concerning economy, education and morals, look at Chicago, Detroit and how about the entire state of California?

Mississippi’s problems are a combined result of liberal policy tolerated by conservatives. Mississippi citizens received approximately $2.02 per dollar of taxes in the way of federal spending.

Speaking of taxes, the very thought of a user-type tax (sales tax) rubs Haslag raw. Moochers and drug dealers would have to pay taxes along with Haslag and myself. A sales tax does just that. You spend a lot, you pay a lot. A sales tax does just that. Paying your own way and not depending on the federal government would be my preference, not so much with Haslag. After all, we want all to pay their “fair share” don’t we?

Your attempt Mr. Haslag to smear the state of Mississippi, conservatives and Christians is worthy of your political leanings, it’s change we can believe in.

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