Your Opinion: Council overlooks budget shortfall

Dear Editor:

I don’t think anyone could read about the $2 million shortfall in Jefferson City’s budget and not be concerned about our city’s financial situation.

Why wasn’t the City Council aware of this budget gap long ago? Why didn’t they take action?

It is because they are so obsessed with the planning and building of a convention center that they failed to perform one of their primary duties which is looking after city finances. Like little kids with a shiny new quarter to spend, all other concerns faded into the background as they get to pick out their new toy from the three convention center choices.

We will get this sort of “leadership” from the City Council as long as we elect these people over and over. Politicians (and make no mistake city councilmen are politicians) massage their egos by being elected. Politicians need to fear the electorate. We lose that control when we vote for the same old, tired Chamber of Commerce cronies year after year. Most of them run unopposed. They are asleep at the switch until the chamber shouts convention center. Then they all wake up in unison to vote yes.

How much money has been wasted just this year alone by city staff on the white elephant convention center?

It has been suggested that $15,000 be cut from the chamber’s economic development contract. I would add another 0 to that. That action alone would cover 8 percent of the shortfall.

No doubt, the current City Council will blame the previous finance director. After all, he isn’t with us anymore to defend himself. I do not believe that he was he problem. The council itself simply failed to do the job we elected them to do.

Oh, but we’ll sure get a White Elephant Center. Everything else is secondary to the council. And then watch it bleed red ink.

And bleed. And bleed.


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