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Dear Editor:

Oh My! A letter in the opinion section of the News Tribune on Dec. 30, signed by Mark Bruenger, claims that “Democrats push for Communist Goals” and submits, as proof, quotes from an after-session submission from a Republican Florida legislator named Herlong in 1963.

A little further research would reveal that it is actually a screed from a 1958 book, “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen, a ultra-conservative wing nut, who, before his death, was a John Bircher and frequent writer about “New World Order” conspiracies. His paranoid writings were even too extreme for Goldwater-era conservatives who studiously avoided him, as did even his own Mormon Church.

I’m sure Bruenger could find better sources, but none (other than ex-congressman West & Glenn Beck) who declare Democrats to be Communists. Had some less conservative letter writer declared all Republicans to be Nazis or anti-woman whiners, I’m sure the News Tribune wouldn’t have headlined their letters with such baloney as the “Democrats are Commies” headline.

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