Your Opinion: New law needed to limit Democrats

Dear Editor:

New law: All Democrat politicians are hereby declared to be mentally unfit to draft legislation because typical laws proposed by Democrats are like assault weapons against the US Constitution and rational US citizens.

Democrat politicians shall have 90 days to remove themselves from Missouri, preferably moving into California, Illinois, or New York. Refusal of Democrat politicians to leave Missouri in the allotted time period is a class C felony. Convicted Democrat politicians shall be subject to 10 years hard labor; and daily classes in United States History, rational thought, and inductive reasoning for all 10 years of incarceration. An Obama, doll shall be installed in each felon’s cell and the doll shall be programmed to continuously repeat “laser like focus on jobs” any time the cell is occupied by the felon.

Communication by any Democrats remaining in Missouri will be restricted to less than 10 words per hour. Democrats will surrender themselves to the appropriate medical enforcement agency for installation of ‘smart’ shock collar, clamps, braces etc that will restrict any form of communication to the aforementioned limit. Democrats shall also be instructed that having a rational thought is not unlawful despite what Nancy Pelosi has claimed.

From Mr. Bastiat’s book The Law first published in 1850 “The mission of law is not to oppress persons and plunder them of their property ... Its mission is to protect property.”

HB545 Obviously oppresses persons and plunders property in a very arbitrary manner that only illustrates Democrat hunger for absolute power.

Lenin loved arming his revolutionaries until he took control then guns were confiscated except for the ruling communist elite. Irrational Democrats overlook the obvious correlation between strict anti-guns laws in Chicago and D.C. and high crime and violence rates in the same cities.

Any rational person can observe that more anti-gun laws lead to more violent crime but Democrats are not rational.


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