Your Opinion: Laws unfairly punish landlords

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to vent just a bit about the unfair laws put in place against individuals, small business owners and large business property owners who are landlords. Where is our protection? Who looks out for us?

As far as I’m concerned any tenant who fails to pay rent and pay their utilities is stealing. Why is it the landlords responsibility to pay Jefferson City utilities for tenants if they fail to pay their bill? Why do you wait 90 days to inform property owners? Why don’t you take them to court? How could this have ever been placed in state statute? Why are we protecting the rights of the ones who steal from us?

Is a lease agreement not binding to the individuals that have signed the contract? The lease states the tenant is responsible to pay all utilities. How much clearer can this be?

As a very small property owner providing a service for those less fortunate not to own their own property, it should be a crime every time they fail to pay their rent or their bills. Yet the City of Jefferson sends our businesses a claim for unpaid utilities that the tenant failed to pay.

As an L.L.C. we cannot simply go to court and ask for judgment against a tenant. As an L.L.C we have to hire a lawyer, pay the circuit court to file, and then pay a fee for the sheriff to deliver the court subpoena. After winning judgment in court it takes another fee to pay the lawyer to file for garnishment. Then garnishment is filed only to have the tenant quit their job leaving us without payment. They know this!

I am tired of doing right, abiding by the laws, trying to make a future for myself and my family to get screwed over again and again. For all my Congress elected officials who I have voted for I hope you read this letter and do what is right. Make it a criminal offense for those who continue to steal and destroy our properties.

I will be watching, questioning and my vote will be on the side of those who protect the citizens rights who are deserving.

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