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Your Opinion: Fair tax would dismantle IRS

Dear Editor:

Why use an army to subjugate a people when the government can use the IRS for the same purpose?

The power to tax has always been a tool of kings and dictators who left their subjects no choice in whether or not to participate in payment. Our forefathers left homelands because of this tyranny.

The 16th Amendment had to be passed in order to legalize the income tax — a tax abhorrent to the Constitutional signers.

Karl Marx recognized the power of the progressive income tax as a tool for the destruction of capitalism. The graduated income tax is the second of 10 conditions needed for Communism to replace Capitalism: “2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.” (

Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld the Health Care Law using the power of Congress to tax as the foundation of their decision. The IRS will be the enforcer of that law.

Rep. Woodall is correct in supporting HR25/S13. The Fair Tax Bill which would end the income tax and dismantle the IRS. This tax reform bill has 69 co-sponsors in the House and eight co-sponsors in the Senate.

Had the Fair Tax been in place, the US Government would not be able to use the IRS to beat the American people into submission. Learn about the Fair Tax at or

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