Your Opinion: Address existing problems in city

Dear Editor:

With the Transform tax in the past people keep asking what can we do to change Jefferson City. Well here is my list of things I would like to see changed.

Recently, on the way home three kids ranging from 2 to 6 came racing down the hill, traveling the wrong way on a one-way street, riding on little toddler toys; It was sheer luck we didn’t hit them. I called the police and was told that it was an ongoing problem and that they had spoken to the children but there was nothing they could do, “after all we can’t arrest them they are only children.”

Whatever happened to child endangerment? Where are the parents and why is no one holding them responsible? This is crazy, somebody in government do something for a change before someone is killed and the poor driver is blamed.

My next thing is sidewalks. On my way to work there are places that have homemade sidewalks, the city wants to spend millions for special projects but no one will build or replace sidewalks for the people.

Next, I’ve had over-excited drivers miss me by an inch so I would love it if the tunnel under Monroe and the Whitten Expressway was reopened for the public use.

I heard it was fixed with MoDOT money but the Miller Performing Arts Center controls it, so it’s always locked. Instead of building a tunnel under the railroad tracks, to a muddy hole, how about a second tunnel under the Expressway at Broadway.

I’d like to see the pound going back to setting up traps again for animals instead of people having to pick them up and doing it themselves and a change in the hours as people have learned they can let their pets run loose because there is no one at the pound.

Hold landlords responsible. If a house only has two bedrooms, 10 or more people shouldn’t be living there.

Make all of Jefferson City, safer, easier to get around and cleaner, then business will take an interest.

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