Your Opinion: Response #2 to Capitol Caroling complaint

Dear Editor:

Do you remember when you were a child and maybe your parents were happy with their place in life, and successful such they could provide you some nice things at Christmas? It would make you so happy to get just the toy or doll you always wanted. But then some mean kid would see what you got and as soon as they had a chance they would try to break it or belittle it because they didn’t get one. In a child’s world it’s called bullying. In an adult political world it’s called “class warfare.”

I feel the “class warfare” mantra being thrust on us by our president by demonizing success just to gain the approval of those who have less is actually promoting bullying. I also feel those who get satisfaction in seeing things taken away or destroyed that others value and enjoy are also bullies.

It seems that in this day and age because of the political advantage of “class warfare,” there are more and more people acting like bullies by attempting to destroy any and all things that others value and enjoy that they do not or cannot enjoy. To me this is just a perverted way of attempting to maintain self-esteem.

The 10th Commandment, (thou shalt not covet any thing that is thy neighbors) to me is the anti-bullying commandment. Since there are only two commandments that our culture really deems as important to keep — Thou shalt not steal and Thou shalt not kill — the 10th Commandment is the one the pop culture (liberal) crowd is now zeroing in on to make irrelevant.

I was fortunate enough to participate in the Capitol Caroling 56 years ago and it is an event that has brought pride and happiness to Jefferson City for all these years.

I think it’s terrible that someone like Ms. Lako (re: Your Opinion, 12/13/2012 “Christian music improper at public school event”) and her ilk may possibly gather enough support by the likes of the ACLU to end such a beautiful and uplifting event.

Since the dependent class and the pop culture crowd has re-elected its cult leader, it’s now become an almost daily awakening to the spiral of destruction of our culture and country. It’s really hard this year in particular; to celebrate Christmas as a time of peace, joy and optimism for our country, but to Christians all is well, God is in control!

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