Your Opinion: Response to Smith cites 'misstatements'

Dear Editor:

In your Nov. 16 letter, Mr. Smith, I would like to correct one of your many misstatements, which was “A person who would call you ignorant, a liar and ... maggot infested scum,” is not what I said. I said, “These protestors remind me of what I observed in the sixties from long haired, maggot infested, hippy freaks, which protested with highly inflammatory signage, no regard for someone else’s property, and violence.”

I didn’t single out anyone in particular, but if the shoe fits? You should have only been offended if you were one of those ‘60s radicals. As a Navy veteran of that era, I remember well the treatment that service personnel got from the likes of those types of people. Our soldiers that returned from Vietnam were spat upon, harassed at airports, called baby killers, and all sorts of foul language was directed towards them. I know personally what a “long haired, maggot infested, hippy freak,” looks like.

When you said that the source of viewpoint that the U.S.A. was formed with Christian principles and as a Christian nation, was Rushdoony and Barton, you sir, are so wrong. The source documents are the following and not in any particular order, 1) Declaration of Independence, 2) The Federalist Papers, and 3) Mayflower Compact, which you can’t find an older document, signed Nov. 11, 1620, that so clearly states that our forefathers trusted God for guidance in their endeavors, and that they desired to worship God as they saw fit.

In addition, the current crop of Republican candidates in no way could do the damage that Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton (Slick Willy), and Barack Obama have done to our great nation. None of the candidates have advocated the dismantling of our government, only going back to the concept of a “limited” government. Don’t you remember that your president said that “He was going to fundamentally change our government”?

The GOP candidates want to get back to what the Constitution says, that the federal government is limited. If it wasn’t in the Constitution, it was then reserved to the various states or the people. Read the 10th amendment again!

With all the pure hate speech in many of your letters, you sir, have real nerve telling anyone that you deserve serious consideration, while others do not.

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