Your Opinion: Reaction to 'blatant segregation'

Dear Editor:

I have seriously deliberated over this letter. I am addressing Steve Brown (not to be confused with the Steven Brown who did the well-researched piece on the validity of President Obama’s citizenship) and Mark Bruenger. I know and expect to have my intelligence questioned, my character impeached and my loyalty doubted. So be it.

Essentially both gentlemen present opposing faces of the same coin. It is somewhat disconcerting to come up against the blatant segregation of a group on the basis of color in the City of Jefferson in this time and place.

Mr. Bruenger’s denial of President Obama’s citizenship is myth that resembles the John Birch Society’s warnings about fluoride in the water in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the denial that we actually landed men on the moon in the late ‘60s and more recently that Americans destroyed the twin towers. They all depend upon the concept of vast conspiracies of enormous power that can create alternate realities without leaving a trace of their passage. This whole issue is a case of the blogosphere rampant and so-called “news organizations” with an agenda.

The core presentations of both gentlemen is that color has created an “other” that either cannot be expected to be actually capable of being president or must be solely responsible within the community for fixing its crime problem. I quote Mr. Brown, “The black community should be concerned … You need to step up and fix it yourselves.” He subsequently offers his assistance. My question is whether he is interested in reaching out to assist the African-American community. I can put him in touch with individuals who can guide him according to his interests. They call that calling one’s bluff. How pleasant it would be to read an offer to become involved in the “other” community. If Mr. Brown is serious, there are multiple opportunities to help.

If I do not, I will be disappointed but sadly not surprised. Getting past the things that divide us, especially such flimsy things as the color of one’s skin, is essential to our continued success as the “melting pot” of the world. That appellation has been earned for two centuries and I would hate to see a struggle that has made great strides in our most difficult attempt be defeated by those who cannot accept who we are.

Mr. Bruenger will just call me a godless, liberal, socialist, communist for 400 words.

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