Your Opinion: Obama does not meet qualifications

Dear Editor:

During hearings on the Constitutional eligibility of Sen. John McCain III to be president in 2008, then-Sen. Obama was a co-sponsor of Senate Resolution 511 that recognized Sen. John McCain, III was a ‘natural born citizen.’ Sen. Obama actually insisted Senate Resolution 511 contain language that the candidate has “American citizen” parents so Sen. McCain III therefore meets the “natural born citizen’ requirement contained in the United States Constitution.

How times have changed since 2008. Not only does Obama not meet the Constitution requirement of being a ‘natural born citizen’ he obviously knows such to be the case by his own words. Obama hasn’t paid any attention to the Constitution yet, so why should he bother about such a major requirement that a person cannot be president of the U.S.A. if that person does not have American parents. Obama recently released a massively photo-shopped, long form Hawaiian birth certificate that clearly indicates Obama has a non-American parent.

The emperor Obama has no clothes and he is depending upon people to behave like ignorant, oblivious cattle and not shout out that Obama is nakedly ineligible to be president. At best, Obama has committed massive fraud and at worst committed treason.

Obama actually can’t be impeached or resign from the position of president because he is not the president of the United States. For example, a criminal American citizen that illegally becomes the president of a bank can’t resign, or be fired by bank Board of Directors. Arrest and criminal prosecution await the bank president impostor. Bank shareholders do not give the criminal the chance to run the bank after they find out the criminal nature of the impostor. Law abiding American citizens should not give the criminal Obama the chance to run the country anymore and especially not in 2012.

Why a certain letter writer believes that the subject matter is essentially nothing means the writer has a problem with Constitutional reality. Obama is a criminal playing POTUS and killing the United States for his petty rage against capitalism. The Secret Service can arrest and transport Obama to the nearest cellblock as so on as any federal court issues an arrest warrant.

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