Your Opinion: U.S. Humane Society's ulterior motive

Dear Editor:

I’m pretty sure that this will not be the last word on Prop. B as its supporters continue to whitewash HSUS and Prop. B’s objective.

My portrayal of HSUS is neither misleading nor behind the times. Wayne Parcelle once said, “We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” Last time I checked, Wayne Parcelle was still president of HSUS.

Barbara Schmitz would like for us to believe that HSUS has changed its spots. Phyliss Greenfield still does not believe that HSUS has an ulterior motive.

What HSUS is best at is manipulation of the facts, its supporters and the unsuspecting voter. As I have said before, their track record speaks for itself.

Ms. Greenfield questions their tactics. It’s pretty simple, pick the battles you think you can win, gain some credibility and then go after bigger fish. At present, supporters would believe HSUS on any issue.

HSUS thought the issue of large scale breeders would be an easy in into Missouri. After all , who wouldn’t vote for “the basic tenants of care” for dogs. If that were only the unalloyed objective.

Prop. B’s intent is to put all large scale breeders out of business.

True, it does not apply to small hobby breeders with fewer than 10 females. It should. Small breeders are no more diligent in their care for their dogs than large scale breeders, but one battle at a time. Prop. B is less about better welfare for dogs than it is about crucifying all large dog breeders.

The overcrowding at rescue centers is evidence that the Missouri Department of Agriculture program of identifying and shutting down inferior dog breeders is working. Yes, they are under-funded, which is why I have always encouraged people to donate to them, not to one of the many animal welfare groups that profess to “protect” animals, especially HSUS.

HSUS manages the wildlife land trust. Landowners sign over acreage to ensure that wild animals are never hunted or trapped. That is directed at sportsmen and at eliminating sportsmanlike activities.

HSUS has threatened pet shops all across the U.S. to thwart their purchase of Missouri puppies, even from licensed breeders. So don’t tell me that Prop. B is only about welfare for dogs.

Democracy is as much as about protecting us from ourselves as it is allowing voters to have a voice. I commend our legislators for using some common sense.


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