Your Opinion: Don't vilify Prop. B supporters

Dear Editor:

Why is it that opponents of Proposition B continually try to vilify its supporters? They call us names and imply that we are stupid because we took the initiative at its written word and did not try to read between the lines.

Supporters of Prop. B never said that all dog breeders are puppy mills and are abusive and/or neglectful. There were actually a few good dog breeders that came out for Prop. B.

Proposition B contained the clearest language on the November ballot. People who voted for Prop B were better informed about that than they were the legislators they voted for. We were not mis-informed.

There is no “hidden agenda”! Just because most of us are not agri-business farmers does not mean we are stupid.

Opponents of Prop. B continue to lambast the HSUS, and for what — because they are a “humane” organization? It seems that those who try to do good are always criticized, and those who are out to make easy money are applauded.

I guess that is why Jesus was nailed to the cross.

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