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Sue Bower

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Sell! Sell! Sell!

Do you ever feel like you are being sold a bill of goods? My son had his appendix out and the doctor had an MRI done to ensure that he needed the operation. And there was a $5,000 bill. I guess they needed to pay off the MRI machine. A St. Louis cancer center talked my husband into having a procedure for brain cancer that could give him up to four more months of life. He didn't get any of the four months, and the procedure took the use of his arm almost immediately and, within weeks, he needed a walker. He felt like he was robbed of months of a productive and self-sufficient life. Was he a guinea pig for a procedure needing refinement?

So new car models and phones and appliances can do oh sooooo many things: drive themselves, allow you to open the door from the kitchen, have a quieter dishwashing cycle, permit online purchasing and banking.but at what cost? Fraud. Identity theft. Spam calls. Potential accidents. Have you noticed how hard it is to contact a company to complain about their products, possible fraud, inaccurate billing?

We no longer talk with our family members; we text them, even if they are sitting across the table from us. We cannot play cards online without being interrupted by ads. I can't compose this Word document without the typeface changing multiple times and the cursor jumping all over the place. We have become lazy (can't even open our own doors), have become victims of technology, and even our health-care edifices want us to buy our own blood-pressure cups, thermometers, heart monitors so we can take our own measurements and relay them to our doctors. Are drug companies suggesting additional vaccines for our good or for the financial benefits of the company? Isn't it a shame that we can't trust anymore? I'd trade all the advancements of technology for a safer, more reputable and honest society and community. Andwe'd have more jobs than we non-tech citizens could handle.

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