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Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Human beings are supposed to be humane by showing kindness, mercy, compassion and live in a civilized manner. So, I ask you, does tearing a body with a "beating heart," limb by limb out of a pregnant woman's body meet those standards, or is it murder?

If it is not a human being, then why are the organs harvested? It wasn't until Abby Johnson, head of a Planned Parenthood clinic, assisted in an abortion and witnessed a fetus moving away from the suction devise, did she become a pro-lifer.

Generous people don't subjugate pregnant women but help them find housing and medical assistance, before and after birth.

Parenting skills are taught and help with babysitting while she works on education for a career. If those challenges are overwhelming, then adoption is a great alternative.

Liberals always say, my body my choice, but we speak for that "other body" who doesn't have a voice! Does President Biden's mandated vaccines violate that premise?

There is no greater gift than a child when you've lost children or can't conceive. The mother shows an unimaginable love that is returned years later from the child she saved.

Our loving adopted daughter would have been her mother's third abortion at 19 years. I wonder why Democrats save prisoners from executions but kill innocent babies, especially since there are 22 kinds of non-abortive birth control measures and condoms have been around since the 1840s.

Democrats show no concern for people as they fought to keep slavery, opened our borders to unvetted, infected terrorists, deadly fentanyl, defunded the police and our military, have no bail policies that make our constitutional Second Amendment rights critical to sensible, law-abiding citizens that want to protect their families!

America got into war 20 years ago, because 2,977 innocent lives were lost by egregious terrorists desiring a caliphate.

Biden's ineptness in handling the withdrawal in Afghanistan will assure we have another 9/11 event as the Taliban now has $90 billion of the most advanced weaponry.

Biden's new policy after vetting in days 124,000 Afghanis, is to bring migrants from surrounding Afghanistan countries to America.

Tucker Carlson said the cost to Americans is up to $50,000 each. With "chain migration" and Democrats rushing citizenship and voting rights to illegals, the inflationary debt will destroy this country and make George Soros very happy!

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