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Nelson Otto

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

I had my concerns when I heard President Joe Biden was going to have a speech concerning COVID-19, and my fears were realized when I heard it. The right to control what we choose to put in our bodies has gone out the window. The beginnings of tyranny is when a leader decides to rule by force and not by the consent of the governed. Biden has decided that 80 million American's lack the capacity to think and make choices for themselves and that he and only he has the knowledge and power to make those choices for us. I was relieved to see our governor's tweets and those of several governors from other states, as well as many who are already gearing up for legal action against these illegal mandates. Biden needs to be impeached for what he did in Afghanistan and this overreach of authority.

If you have taken the vaccine then you should be safe with little or no health consequences. Therefore the only risks are for those who choose not to take it, and we will assess our risks and take what action we deem appropriate for ourselves. There are behavioral options we choose and those work well for us. There is also a growing variety of treatment options that also work very well provided the dictator will allow them to be used.

I was hesitant to take the vaccine before but now I am determined to never take any version of it. It is time for some serious civil disobedience against these unconstitutional mandates, and as one of my favorite characters likes to say, "I aim to misbehave."

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